Laundry Mat


The laundry mat is open Monday thru Friday 6AM to 10PM
Saturday 7AM to 10PM
Sunday 7AM to 9PM

Our Laundry Mat provides a very comfortable atmosphere. We have provided magazines for our customers to read while doing their laundry. We have many amenities to provide the most efficient experience for our customers at our location. We have 6 large washers that hold blankets or quilts or any other large garment. We also have 20 other washing machines for your everyday needs, and we have 16 dryers to finish off your laundry needs.
We have three types of washers. One being our 50 and five 40 pounders. These machines are very energy efficient, and can handle large loads, and even can handle some of your largest blankets.
We also have 20 smaller washing machines to handle your everyday needs of laundry. These machines are also energy efficient, and can clean your laundry very well!  
When you get done washing your clothes you can then dry your laundry with one of our 16 dryers. They cost only .25¢ for each six minutes of drying time!
We also have a wide range of additional amenities that we provide. From carts to move your laundry around to an on-site ATM machine, coin dispenser and detergent dispenser and bags!
Washer Pricing Dryer Pricing
50 pound 40 pound 20 pound
Super Wash $6.00 $5.50 $3.25
Hot Wash $5.75 $5.25 $3.00
Warm Wash $5.50 $5.00 $2.75
Cold Wash $5.25 $4.75 $2.50
Our Dryers Cost .25¢ per 6 minutes.